The famous Swaminarayana Akshardham sacred temple is located at the banks of Stream...



The renowned Swaminarayan Akshardham sacred place was approved for being first biggest...

Location: Near Nizamuddin Bridge
Built by: Pramukh Swami Maharaj
Built in: During 2000-05
Inaugurated by: Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Manmohan Singh
Dedicated to: Swaminarayan
Attraction: Largest Temple complex in India
Highlights: Intricate architecture & various shows
How to reach: One can reach Akshardham Temple by taking local buses, auto- rickshaws, Metro or by hiring taxis from Delhi

The sacred Akshardham temple is an important Hindu forehead structure in the city of Delhi, in the country of India. The sacred temple is termed as Delhi city Akshardham or popular Swamiynarayana Akshardham, the sacred structure shows thousands of years of conventional great Hindu and Native Indian lifestyle, religious techniques, and structure. The sacred building was motivated and developed by renowned Pramukh Swaamiy Mahaaraja, the real religious headman of the Bochaasanwasi Shhri Akshaar Purushottamm Swamiynarayaan Saanstha, whose around 3,000 volunteer’s assisted total 7,000 artisans build sacred Akshardham. The sacred Temple, which draws roughly 70 percent of all visitors who visit city of Delhi, was formally started out on the date of 6 Nov 2005.

The holy temple is found close to banks of river Yamuna close to this years Earth Games town in southern New Delhi. The holy forehead, in the center of the structure, was greatly designed according to great Hindu Vastu Shastra as well as ancient Pancharattra Shastraa. In addition to the huge main forehead designed entirely of rock, the building structure features events on occurrences from the lifestyle of renowned Swaminarayana. The interesting history of ancient India, an amazing IMAX function on the youth of renowned Swaminarayan as the very young yogi, also called Nilkantha, a musical technology function on the concept of the sacred Upanishads, and huge designed landscapes. The sacred forehead is also known as after a perception in great Swaminarayan Hinduism.